This Upper Peninsula town had the coldest Christmas since 1933. How did they even survive?

These UP’ers are iron-strong, we all know this. Likewise, the town of Ironwood had the coldest Christmas since 1933 this year! In 1933, Ironwood’s high temperature was -8 degrees Fahrenheit and it got dangerously close this year. Ironwood reached -7 degrees on Christmas. This is actually a bit warmer than -17 degrees, with a wind chill of -32, that occurred on December 27, 2017. Brrr!

Ironwood, one of the UP’s mining towns, is in Gogebic County, which is right across the Montreal River from being in Wisconsin. This is not the only record Ironwood is breaking this winter. At 7 a.m. Tuesday, December 26, 2017, the National Weather Service in Marquette reported a wind chill of 43 degrees below zero in Ironwood! Iron County’s Golden Lake held the same temperature.

coldest christmas

Please be careful! With wind chills this low, you can get frostbite in as low as ten minutes. Don’t forget to bundle up! Photo courtesy of the National Weather Service/ Wikipedia Commons.

The coldest temperature recorded in Michigan 51 degrees below zero on February 9, 1934, in Vanderbilt, north of Gaylord. And this was before they started recording wind chill. Makes that -43 degrees with the windchill seem almost broiling, huh? A tropical heat wave!

Our cold snap that we’ve been experiencing will likely be more than a snap. The cold temperatures are expected to continue into next week, though it will likely not reach those frigid temperatures we saw around Christmas.  But this is winter after all. Would you expect anything else from Michigan?

What is the coldest temperature you remember? Is it officially recorded? Let us know in the comments below!

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