It’s not just ski resorts! Here is what this winter season — and its abundance of snow — means for you.

A strong season for ski resorts means a lot of snow for everyone! Considering how bland and warm our winter has been so far, I’m ready for it. What’s December without snow anyway? Well, whether or not you like the adventure and fun of downhill skiing or the self-reliance and strength from cross-country skiing, the owners of ski resorts and weather forecasters agree that this winter season is for you!

This uncharacteristically warm winter (so far anyway) may actually help lake effect snow levels. This warm, moist air, combined with La Nina’s cold and dry resurgence this year could combine to have an extra snowy winter. In time for the holidays? Here’s hoping.

ski resorts

La Nina is on the rise. Photo courtesy of MLive.

This combination has owners of ski resorts all around Michigan very excited.

“What the long-term weather models are predicting, and they’re not always reliable, but they’re saying we’re not going to see an Arctic blast, but we’re likely to see a stronger-than-average northern Michigan winter weather,” Ben Doornbos, general manager of Nub’s Nob said.

Even if we end up having a sad and barren winter with no snow, you can still ski! Ski resorts are built for this.

“Most of our snowmakers have been here for decades. So no matter what the weather does, our crew here will get the job done,” Doornbos added.

Are you new to skiing but think this ideal winter season is a good time to head to the ski resorts? Well, has a great compendium of ski/snowboarding resorts and ski/snowboarding information. It’s gonna be the perfect season, so why not try it out? I’m a cross-country ski person myself, but if you’re not as clumsy as me, downhill skiing might be just the rush you need to get out of those winter blues. Go soak up some sunshine (it is there, just behind the clouds). Enjoy your ski season!

Not into skiing? Well, get out those snow brushes! It’s gonna be snowy for everyone. Better be prepared!

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