Michigan ski resorts are reaping the benefits of this already snowy winter. We’re snowier than Vail!

Of course, we don’t have towering mountains to ski down like Vail, but the snowfall is real this year! This comes as bad news for anybody who decided to trek out to Colorado for powder. Michigan really does have it all! At our highest snow levels so far this year, we have more than double the snow than they’ve received throughout the central Rockies.

According to Gear Junkie, “Aspen / Snowmass displays an 11- to 26-inch base with less than half of its lifts open; Vail has an 18-inch base with less than a third of its lifts open; and Steamboat has a 15- to 19-inch base.”


Crystal Mountain near Thompsonville, MI on December 15, 2017. Look at all that pure white snow! Photo courtesy of Crystal Mountain/MLive.

Conversely, Michigan’s levels have reached much higher levels. They continue, “Crystal Mountain reports a 49-inch base, Nubs Nob has a 48-inch base, and Mount Holly has a 36-inch base.” This means that even Colorado has had to rely on mostly artificial snow. Oh, how the tables have turned!

A lot of this discrepancy is due to Colorado’s abnormally dry autumn and winter seasons, as well as Michigan’s long blizzard in mid-December. Snow levels have already dropped since, but the whole season is expected to be like this. Hooray for all you skiers and snowboarders! Maybe not so great for traffic conditions…

The gap in snowfall between the states is expected to close as the season continues and Colorado gets more snow. Regardless, Michigan is going to have a great ski and snowboard season. Until then, Colorado will have to continue to use artificial snow (how familiar does that problem sound?).

Too bad we can’t lend them any! We’ll take the snow while it lasts!

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