Now you can see your University of Michigan Wolverines on Amazon Prime!

U of M was named the best football team in Michigan by CBS sports. And they weren’t the only ones who thought so! Starting in January of 2018, you can see your favorite team featured in an eight-episode arc on Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is teaming up with The Big Ten network to bring something completely new to college football fans. “We think documenting this season will reveal that our university and football program are unique environments that equip our student-athletes for success in both academics and athletics,” Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel said.

The popular streaming web service plans on following the team around for all of the 2017-2018 season. It will document their practices, but that isn’t all. Schembechler Hall, Michigan Stadium, Glick Field House will be featured, and the camera crews will even follow them on the road. This docu-series will be the first of its kind on streaming television.

Amazon Prime

You’re about to see so much more Jim Harbaugh than you ever thought you needed. Photo courtesy of USA Today.

They hope this move will encourage support for the Wolverines, as well as ensure interest in college football in general. “We welcome judgment. We embrace this opportunity to showcase our 2017 University of Michigan football team to a vast audience around the world,” coach Jim Harbaugh said.

Jim Harbaugh isn’t the only one excited about the upcoming series. “We are excited to work with great partners and to break new ground as the first collegiate program to participate in this digital space,” commented athletics director Warde Manuel.

University of Michigan football is notoriously secretive about upcoming rosters or behind-the-scenes information, so the move to digital is certainly an interesting one.

What do you think? Is it a publicity stunt? Will this help the Wolverines? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo courtesy of Mike Mattner.

U of M named best college football team in Michigan.