Houses aren’t the only thing that can be haunted! Here are five haunted farms all over Michigan!

Michigan has its cultured urban centers, that’s for sure. But we all know that if you drive a few miles outside of any Michigan city, you’ll hit a cornfield before you can say, “children.” True to Michigan’s agrarian reality, here are some haunted farms in Michigan.

Haunted Farm of Terror

It’s a haunted house and a haunted hayride, but the Zombie Assault Convoy is really why people come. This is their 14th year, but this feature is fairly new. Shoot all the live zombies before they take over the farm! There’s even food available. Channel 95.5 even does some events there! Find this haunted farm at 28405 26 Mile Rd, Lenox Township, MI, 48048. Their website will have all the information you need.

Pricing is as follows: House/Hayride Combo-Adult: $25.00, Kids: $15.00. Just the Haunted House-Adult: $17.00, Kids: $13.00. Just the Haunted Hayride-Adult: $17.00, Kids: $13.00. And of course, the Zombie Assault-Approx. 90 Shots: $20.00, Refill of approx. 90 Shots: $10.00 (Optional).

Get tickets to the Haunted Farm of Terror here.

haunted farms

Photo courtesy of Pontiac Haunted Houses.

Shawhaven Haunted Farm

This is Shawhaven’s eleventh year. Travel through the farm on their Wagons of Fear, or explore their Dead Maze full of zombies. Samara’s Boarding House will satiate any haunted house cravings you have. Here’s their website if you need more information. They have a ton of events, so check here for pricing and tickets. Find the Shawhaven Haunted Farm at 1826 Rolfe Rd, Mason, MI, 48854.

haunted farms

Photo courtesy of Shawhaven Haunted Farm.

Clio Manor Haunted House

While “house” is in the title, we’re counting it in the list of haunted farms. All the spook is not contained just to the house, though that is terrifying in itself (demonic children are always the scariest). There is also Zombie Paintball to try to rid the property of the undead. Pricing is as follows: Haunted house $18, Zombie paintball $8 Combo ticket $23. Spring for the combo ticket to get the full “manor” experience.

Find Clio Manor at 4403 Clio Rd, Flint, MI, 48504. You can get tickets and find out all the different events on the Clio Manor Haunted House website.

haunted farms

Photo courtesy of the Clio Manor Haunted House Facebook.

Scarefest Scream Park

They went above and beyond with a full haunted hayride, house, forest walk, and maze. They even have a full haunted campground, though the camping is strictly 18+. Also, food and a beer tent, because sometimes being terrified is stressful. This one is huge! Here is their website for further information and tickets. They have events until the end of October, so get in while you still can! They have a bunch of different events and combo packages, so check here for pricing. Find the Scarefest Scream Park at 34111 28 Mile Road, Lenox Township, MI.

haunted farms

Photo courtesy of Michigan Haunted Houses.

Slaughterhouse Adventure & Grand River Corn Maze

Haunted house, haunted maze, haunted corn field — you know the drill by this point. But there’s more. Have you ever been morbidly curious enough to meet Pennywise, Jigsaw, or Negan from The Walking Dead in person? Well, if you’re brave enough, this is one of the haunted farms for you. Their website will provide all the information you need, as well as tickets and pricing. Find this haunted farm at 5781 West Grand River, Fowlerville, MI.

haunted farms

Photo courtesy of Michigan Haunted Houses.

So there were five haunted farms in Michigan. You’re brave for even reading about it! Will you be brave enough to make it through the haunted farms? Let us know in the comments below.

Cover photo courtesy of MNN.

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