The Travel Channel is coming to everyone’s favorite late-night hot dog shop, Dog Central. Here’s why.

If there is any question what the best part of downtown Mt Pleasant’s bar scene is, its indubitably objective answer is Dog Central. Sure, the Art Reach brings a lot of culture to the area and you can’t make it off of Main Street without catching a drink at The Bird. But what about those delectable and unique hot dogs? Just look at it. You know you want one. They even offer veggie dogs here! It’s not enough that I know they’re amazing. The Travel Channel thinks so too. That’s why they’ll be there today, November 30!

Dog Central is having “crowd calls” from 12-1 p.m. and 4-6 p.m. The Travel Channel wants “the place packed at those times!” So help them out! They are no longer accepting reservations for either time slots, but they still want you to stop by. Standing room only! They are open regular business hours (11 a.m. to 3 p.m.). Dog Central stresses that, “All guests will be required to sign a TV clearance form before entering the restaurant!” So don’t show up during those times if you don’t want to be on TV. 

dog central

Look at that Flying C! Mount Pleasant and Central Michigan will welcome the Travel Channel on Thursday, November 30, 2017.

Dog Central is not content to serve just any dogs to their sometimes drunk college-aged patrons. They serve classics like the Chicago and Detroit Dogs, but they specialize in the weird ones. Ever tried a Cuban dog (house roasted pork, ham, shredded pickle, cheese, and mustard)? How about a Greek dog (feta cheese, chili, and black olives)? My favorite is the (vegetarian) Goober dog (shredded pickle, chili, crushed Fritos, and peanut butter). You’ll just have to try it!

So, go get some dogs and maybe get yourself on TV. It’s Mt. Pleasant’s crowning glory. Find Dog Central at 111 E Michigan St, Ste 5, Mount Pleasant, Michigan, 48858. Check out their website and Facebook page (like to show your support!) for more information.

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