Congratulations, Spartans! East Lansing was named the drunkest city in Michigan by USA Today.

The news that East Lansing is the drunkest city in Michigan came as no surprise to anybody trying to get out of East Lansing after (or even worse, during) a Spartans football game. Well, now there’s object proof. USA Today has published a study on each states drinking habits, and East Lansing took the prize. We even made it in the top 10 percent. Mom and Dad are gonna be so proud…

Using information from the CDC, USA Today compiled a list of the drunkest people in each city in the United States. The results were shocking. 18 percent of Americans drink “excessively” and 17 percent have engaged in “binge drinking” in the past.

“Binge drinking” means five or more drinks in one sitting for men, four for women. “Excessive drinking” is defined as more than 15 drinks per week for men, eight for women.

drunkest city

Michigan State is fond of their pregame. Photo courtesy of Go Dairy Free.

Michigan State is the largest university in Michigan. That’s a lot of college-aged people, and it’s no secret that a bunch of newly turned 21-year olds are going to drink more than the rest of Michigan. How much more? Statewide, we average about 20 percent in the “excessive” category, but “21.9 percent of adults in the Lansing-East Lansing metro area drink excessively.” This is the 10th highest in the state. Go green! Go white!

All joking aside though, 27.8 percent of driving deaths in the area are alcohol related. Those are all preventable deaths. So, this is just a casual reminder to keep it casual. Always drink responsibility and never drive under the influence of alcohol.


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