Downtown Flint just wouldn’t be complete without Churchill’s Food and Spirits. This local favorite fills the void of Winston Churchill-themed establishments you didn’t even know existed.

Churchill’s gets its name, not as obviously as you would think, from Winston Churchill, the British politician and statesman, as well as Prime Minister. An interesting choice to theme a bar, but it makes so much sense when you walk in this cozy tavern. Winston Churchill was a renowned enthusiast of alcohol, his favorite whiskey being his “Papa Cocktail,” which is just a little bit of Johnnie Walker covering the bottom of a glass, then diluted with water. It was meant as a “sipping drink” that you could visit and refill throughout the day without being unable to work. Churchill’s tries to keep that optimistic, but still very wet, spirit alive.


Churchill’s interior is covered with pictures and quotes of the famous British politician. Drinking here feels like you’re in a smoky parlor in a dinner jacket swirling a whiskey glass around with Winston Churchill himself. Photo courtesy of Golfian.

The Alcohol

One of the ways they do this is by absolutely littering the walls with Churchill pictures and quotes, so you could never forget the bar’s namesake. They also do cute Winston Churchill-themed specials. For instance, their daily special is the Little Winston, which is a burger with American cheese, bacon, sauteed onions, mayo served with chips. And it’s only $3.50! Check out their other specials on their website.

Definitely the most they do to keep his spirit alive is by serving beer from 30 taps and over 300 kinds of whiskey! Though Johnnie Walker was Churchill’s favorite, you know he wouldn’t have minded sampling their wares. They also have a full craft-beer list as well as the 30 on tap. Here is their full beer list on Beer Menus.

When I went, I had the Short’s Brewing Company’s Michigantuan, which is a fine Michigan beer, and a fine Michigan cherry beer at that. Find Churchill’s at 340 S Saginaw St, Flint, Michigan.


Whiskey! This is from Whiskey Wednesday. Photo courtesy of Churchill’s Facebook.

Though the atmosphere is homey and the wall decor is humorous, this is no dive bar. They offer private tasting events with their in-house whiskey expert, as well as having a rotating craft cocktail list and fully- stocked bar. They even create some of their own bitters and infusions! This is their full spirits list.


Their pizza is to die for. That crust! Photo courtesy of Churchill’s Facebook.

Everything Else

Churchill’s doesn’t just serve booze. Their food is incredible as well: they serve burgers, sandwiches, and other bar-food staples, but it’s their pizza that will keep you coming back. This is their full menu. As if this place wasn’t great enough, they are also a great venue for up and coming local bands in Flint. Birdhouse is just one of the many bands who have played Churchill’s stage. They have live music every Friday!

Churchill’s even made the World’s Best Bars list! Keep updated with this amazing and original local tavern with their Website and Facebook.

How much do you love Churchill’s? What is your favorite whiskey? What is your favorite Winston Churchill quote? Let us know in the comments below!

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