In 1938, a young woman was forced to leave school because of her pregnancy. After almost 80 years, she’s finally getting her honorary diploma.

Iris Weatherwax was unable to to finish her high school career after she became pregnant. Close to 80 years later her niece stepped in to ensure she got the credit she was due. She contacted the school to get her plan into motion.

Iris’ niece was unsure how she would react at first. She told Mlive that she looked into getting the honorary diploma through the school district. She described her as “smart and intelligent and has done so much work in the community.”

Video courtesy of Mlive:

On August 23, Iris was presented with a diploma by Davison Community Schools superintendent Eric Lieske. The entire ceremony was very emotional for her, as she saw her failure to finish school to be a huge regret. In 1938, after she married her husband Lloyd, she became pregnant. This was the first of four children she would have.

Lieske emphasizes the importance of people like Iris. She values her education very highly. Even as she received her diploma she was barely holding back tears. “My mother and dad put all four of us through high school. That was the goal and we made the goal,” said James Weatherwax, her son.

Seven decades after she was supposed to graduate, she can finally take pride in all the hard work she put forth. Her family says she would have passed her senior year with flying colors, if allowed to at the time.

Over the years Iris worked several jobs. Most notably she spent 19 years at the Garrison-Ross Insurance Agency. Her husband, who died in 1973, served in the Navy during World War II. Lloyd Weatherwax also worked many years at Buick Plant Protection. His sister described Lloyd and Iris as true childhood sweethearts.

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