*Spoilers* There are Spoilers in all of this. The finale was in 2004, if you haven’t gotten on board yet, Friends is streaming on Netflix!

If you generally can’t find enough time in your busy schedule to watch all ten seasons of Friends in two months like I did, that is totally understandable. In fact, it’s admirable that you have the willpower not to rot a hole in your couch shouting, “He was on a break!” for 10 seasons. Good for you. Not to worry, I’m happy to share the five things you learn when watching 10 seasons of Friends.

Ross is the worst.

Ok, so he gets this reputation of being a sweetheart. Joey is the hot one. Chandler is the funny one. Ross is the nice one. But is he really nice when he makes lesbian jokes for 10 years straight? How about when he doesn’t talk to his son Ben after the eighth season? Doesn’t he seem a little abusive and controlling in when he dates Rachel the first time? This extends beyond just his personality. We’re gonna talk about the ending. Doesn’t it seem a little odd that he didn’t want to date Rachel until she gets the opportunity of a lifetime? Ross isn’t in love. He just can’t imagine Rachel happy without him.

You can map which stages of drug addiction Matthew Perry was in just by watching the seasons quickly enough.

Chandler was always adorably goofy-looking, but he did get markedly gaunt during the third season and jumps up quite a bit in the later seasons. His appearance changes the most out of any of the other Friends. Matthew Perry reportedly doesn’t remember seasons three to six because of his acute drug addiction. It’s ok! We still love you, Chandler!


No need to be embarrassed, Chandler.

Joey has a serious IQ decline

Joey is supposed to be lovably dumb, and Matt LeBlanc played that aspect of Joey so well. But, doesn’t he seem just a little too dumb towards the end? In the first season, Joey answers “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” as an answer in Pictionary. By the tenth season, he’s calling an eight-year-old to ask for career advice. Also, did anybody else notice his collection of stuffed animals get weirdly creepy in the later episodes? He has the Pugsy the penguin that Emma so covets, but the Cabbage Patch doll? A grown man with a Cabbage-Patch doll? Yet, somehow how he’s still the most well-adjusted on the show. And of course, the best looking.


Ok, Joey….

Nobody bats an eye when Ross has a mental breakdown.

Ross is unemployed for over a year after he suffers a mental breakdown, yells at his boss twice, and gets suspended from his museum job—we’ll say indefinitely, since in the next season he magically gets a tenure-track position at NYU, nbd. And while Ross loses his museum job over a sandwich, does nobody care about the fact that their friend is so mentally unstable he can’t hold a job? Even Phoebe stays employed through most of the show. Speaking of…

Phoebe sells out.

By the end of the show, she got married, worked for a corporate massage company, and wore fur. A big step from the one who tried to clean Ross’s aura in the first episode, eh? Nonetheless, Phoebe will always be our favorite hippie goddess for pausing to take off her endless rings for a good full minute before she takes Mike’s ring.


Photo Courtesy of: @friendsshowsays Twitter

Honorable mention: Ross is actually the best.


Margaritas anyone?

All of this is said with love. We all know Friends was the defining sitcom of our childhood, and we wouldn’t be the same without Ross & Rachel, Monica & Chandler, Joey & Phoebe (a girl can hope, right?). Relive your childhood, be nostalgic. Watch Friends on Netflix!

Is there anything that was missed in the list above? Also, who is your favorite Friends character and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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