Birdhouse is not content only bringing a passionate form of “dance-ey noise rock” from Flint. They also give back to their city.

The description on Birdhouse’s Facebook reads, “I’d sell you to Satan for one corn chip,” and while the angst in this sentiment carries through in their lyrics and tone, this band is only good vibes.

Birdhouse has been a band since 2015. The band members are Gabby Davis (vocals), Keith Music (guitar/ backing vocals), Ryann Richardson (bass), and Kevin Reyes (drums). When asked to describe their sound, they posited, “dance-ey noise rock” as a genre. So, if you just combine all of the best genres of Rock and smash them together… you get Birdhouse.

There are a lot of local bands out there, but another thing that makes Birdhouse stand out is their diversity. Ryann Richardson says, “So, interesting thing: our lineup. 4 people total. 3 POC. 2 women. 1 Queer person. We’re very diverse.”


It is not just diversity that sets them apart. They are also one of the hardest working bands around. Ryann reports, “our singer broke her ankle in 6 places requiring surgery right before a long run of shows. We only had to cancel one show, and that was on the day she had surgery. She performed a week after having it. She had rods and screws put in and everything.” They are steadfast and dedicated to perseverance regardless of circumstance.

However, all of this hard work is not all self-serving. They put just as much work back into the community. Birdhouse donated their song, “You Should Have Warned Me” to a compilation in which all proceeds go to help children affected by the Flint Water Crisis, and it’s a $5 donation. The 80-song compilation is called Not Safe to Drink and features some bigger name bands such as We Came as Romans, Taking Back Sunday, Big D and the Kids Table, and Craig Owens. Help out kids in Flint and rock on!

They spread the love wherever they go, and they’ve played all over Michigan. They travel all over, so check out the band’s Facebook to see if they are playing a show near you. Also, they have an EP set to be released this Fall, so stay tuned! In the meantime, you can listen to You Should Have Warned Me, their donated single on Not Safe To Drink here!

How much do you love Birdhouse? Want to see another local band featured? Let us know below!

Images courtesy of the Band’s Facebook page.

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